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Bacteria and acids naturally produced in the oral cavity. If left unattended without constant hygienic touch ups, it may result in a hole. These holes are called cavities or caries. Once a cavity is formed it does not heal alone but requires a restorative filling to alleviate any further damage and prevent complete tooth extraction and loss. Capital Dental administers the finest and most effective restorative cosmetic fillings in Canberra. When you live in the beautiful, picturesque city of Canberra, you deserve the most beautiful restorative cosmetic fillings!

The sight of a damaged and unfilled tooth is not very appealing to the majority. At Capital Dental in Canberra we combine the cosmetic aspect with the medical condition to provide a perfect all-round result, stunning our patients with the results. Your smile no longer needs to be compromised because you require a restorative cosmetic filling. That is the aspect of the restorative cosmetic purpose. These fillings enable you to receive the restorative treatment you need whilst retaining a beautiful natural looking smile. Health and beauty, what more could you ask for?

Restorative cosmetic fillings with a touch of perfection! If you are situated in Canberra and are in need of a restorative cosmetic filling to ensure stability and hygiene in your oral cavity, contact Capital Dental today!