Capital Dental is open for appointments, if you are showing any symptoms of Cold/Flu to please stay home and call to reschedule your appointment!

Emergency Dental Treatment

Here at Capital dental, we understand the severity of emergency dental issues, hence why we administer state of the art emergency dental treatments for our clients. With extensive experience in the field, equipped with leading dentists and assistants, our professionalism and excellence will ensure that your dental health will be at optimal standard.

At our emergency appointments, the dentist will aim to reduce or stop the pain experienced. Only the most severe problem will be treated at the emergency appointment. Multiple problems are unable to be addressed in an emergency appointment. Patients with the most serious dental problems must be treated first. Sometimes, after a visit to the Emergency Department, more dental treatment may be required. At Capital Dental we have a successful track record of providing impeccable dental services and especially emergency dental services to our clients.

We will ask you the necessary questions and assess your situation. Liaising with our patients makes us an unrivalled force and the most efficient and cost-effective emergency dental treatment company in Canberra.