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Bleaching Treatments

Teeth whitening can be a simple, safe and quick way to refresh your smile. It’s one of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures and the results can be quite dramatic. An hour in a dental chair can transform stained or discoloured teeth into a whiter smile. Here at Capital Dental we take pride in administering exceptional and long-lasting bleaching treatments that all our patients love.

There are various reasons why teeth become discoloured. Some people are simply born with yellowish teeth while, for others, their teeth yellow as they age. The biggest cause of stained teeth is due to what is put in the mouth. Smoking, coffee, tea and red wine can all colour the teeth. And, of course, the more you partake, the worse the staining will be. Dark foods such as beetroot, cherries and mulberries can also stain the teeth. Finally, various medications may also make the teeth look yellow and stained. Fortunately, teeth whitening treatments work effectively on the vast majority of people.

A thorough dental examination is the best way to determine whether you’re an appropriate candidate for whitening, or if there’s a reason behind your teeth discolouration that needs to be addressed first. After all, you may have an underlying dental problem that needs treatment rather than a course of teeth whitening. Capital Dental will go through all the preliminary testing with you.

If you are seeking a reliable bleaching treatment that will transform your smile, increase your confidence and last in time; feel free to contact the industry leaders here at Capital Dental. We are the utmost professional and knowledgeable dental team in Canberra.